Route Shipping Insurance

What is Route?

Route Package Protection covers lost, stolen, and damaged items that fit the required criteria. Review the policies here to understand what lost, stolen, and damaged items Route will cover.


Why do I need Route Package Protection?

Route offers you "peace of mind" package protection for all of your orders at an affordable price. The cost to you - to fully protect your package in the event that it is lost, damaged, or stolen - is calculated based on the subtotal of the order and the partnership between Route and the merchant. 
Items that are not insured with Route will not be eligible for refunds or replacements

How do I insure my package with Route?

Add package protection at checkout and rest assured you’ll be covered in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Keep your eye out for 1-Click Protect when shopping online.


How do I file a claim if my package is lost, stolen, or damaged?

You can file a one-click claim through the email that Route sends you after you check out, or you can file here
When you file a claim, it will be reviewed for approval for a reorder or refund within 24 hours.
If your order has defects or you suspect it was damaged during manufacturing, please reach out to me at and I will be happy to work with you to remedy the situation.


What are Route's terms and conditions?

You can read Route's terms and conditions here.