Jewelry Care

With proper care your Chelsea Leigh Jewelry will last for years. Chelsea Leigh Jewelry is made from high quality Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Filled Material. Even the highest quality of jewelry can become dull, dirty, and tarnish over time. To keep your jewelry looking new and beautiful, follow these general care guidelines.
Remember, it is natural for even the finest metals to tarnish over time. Follow these care guidelines, occasionally clean your jewelry with one of our polishing cloths, and your jewelry will last for years to come!
Lots of the jewelry at Chelsea Leigh Jewelry is designed to be fine and dainty. Please be mindful that these pieces are not stretched, pulled, or bent. If something happens where your jewelry becomes broken or damaged, I do offer a repair service. Repairs are free within the first 30 days of receiving your jewelry. After 30 days repairs are available at a reasonable cost to you. Cleaning and polishing will be included in your repair.
Please contact with your order number should you need to request a repair.
Enjoy your beautiful new jewelry!
Chelsea Leigh